d e a t h + your [remix] (shikyoremix) wrote,
d e a t h + your [remix]

Friends Only

Feel free to add me please just read the following:

[x] please have some things in common with me?
[x] don't add me just to bash me for what I say.
[x] serial adders not welcome here, sorry.
[x] if your someone I know offline, don't add me.
[x] if you know anyone from my offline life look up.
[x] add me first, comment and wait ^^!

x. Die} shikyo re:MIX
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hey! you should add me..because I'm not down with technology, I'm pretty computer dumb, if I wasn't, I'd add you first, but I don't know how! And you should add me becausssse..I fed your baby last night at Mara's, and I wanna read your lj! haha <3 ashley
Hello, hello. Sorry to say I'm not here to add. XD Actually I'm here because I was sorry to see you had abandoned bass_claims, as it looks. There has been so many joining since you last updated.

So it's come to this. Either you say to yourself while reading this "hm, bass_claims she says, I better go fix it up right away! :O My poor neglected smoopy love~ <3" which is great, since then I'll get my Yukke boy. :>! Or you think that it's not for you anymore. If that's the case, I'm willing to mod. >>; I wanted to offer, just in case.

It also seems the layout is kinda dead. XD; I could fix that up too I believe, even if I'm not as leet as you. Oh well. ^^;;
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